Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Biology Lab Book - That's an eBook!

Sketching cells under a microscope is often a daunting task.  Using the App Sketchbook Pro, students in Class IX sketched cheek cells and onion cells.  No need for eraser or multiple pieces of paper.  An error could be simply erased with the swipe of a finger.

Class IX Biology teacher Katie Krueger collected the student's sketches and put together a "lab eBook," using Pages, that included the lab procedures, guidelines on using Sketchbook Pro and two sketches from each student.  Students can then compare and contrast their own sketches with their peers.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

iPads in Class I

Students in Class I have their own STEM Class!  As part of their exploration of the iPad this semester, our budding technologists used Doodle Buddy to sketch one of the rooms at Marymount.  We had fantastic representations of the Chapel, the Auditorium and the First Grade Classrooms.  When the students finished with their sketches, the students laid their images on the floor to create a "virtual map" of Marymount!